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7 Benefits of Orange – Great Source of Vitamin C

As a great source of vitamin C, orange can give range of benefits to your skin like below.

  1. Healthier skin
  2. Reduce dark spots and blemishes
  3. Whitening
  4. Rejuvenate dull skin and improves skin’s radiance
  5. Remove blackheads
  6. Reduce acne
  7. Anti-aging

Now lets us unpack one-by-one how orange can do these wonders to our skin.

Healthier skin and anti-aging effects
Antioxidant present in orange fight free radicals and act as anti-aging agent. Free radicals are the one that cause damage to our skin and lead to aging process.

Besides, vitamin C is increasing the production of natural collagen too, which helps to restore the skin elasticity.

Reduce dark spots and blemishes, whitening, rejuvenate dull skin and increase skin’s radiance
The antioxidant property of vitamin C helps reduce free radicals that damage the skin causing aging and dark pigmentation.

Besides, it removes dead skins (which contains melanin, darker) and make your skin brighter and smoother.

Vitamin C will increase the level of glutathione and vitamin E that help the skin to make the yellowish pheomelanin instead of eumelanin which is darker. Furthermore, It inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase which is responsible melanin production.

Reduce blackheads and acne
Vitamin C is reducing the acne by clearing free radicals before they can do any damage to your skin. Free radicals on skin will break down proteins and fatty acids of your skin, and disturb the normal pH of your skin. Besides, free radicals will harm your sebaceous gland, which will increase the oil (sebum) production and leave your skin open to infections and cause acne.

By having healthy sebaceous gland and right amount of sebum production, blackheads can be prevented. This is because blackheads are formed when our pores are clogged by excessive oil (sebum).

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