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Skin problems

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“使用cleansing gel, 感觉很温和,我平时淡妆,洁面效果还不错。Toner的喷雾式设计和清凉的感觉都很适合我们炎热的天气。Cream 用起来非常服帖肌肤,很滋润,感觉很好。”

Lily Chen



“After using for few month, my face feel become smooth, moisturizing and less oily. Worth to try!”

Mr. Phoon

“Fast shipping, product is good as well. After use, my skin become less oily, just as what is promoted.”

Noor Shamsudin

“I find the cleanser quite nice to use. Skin won’t get dry after cleansing and feel soft after use. Would recommend the product.”

Ms. Ephine

“When I apply to my neck area, there is a pretty obvious changes. In the past, my neck is more to rough skin texture, but now more smooth and mositurizing. Definitely worth it a try!! Suteki desuyo~~”


“I like these products especially the moisturizer. Feel moisture and refreshing after using it. These products are so hydrating, the texture is so light and doesn’t make my face oily. Love the smell.”

Ms. Ong

“After using HERBEA Aqua product series, my face become less oily and have lesser blackheads compare to last time. It also shrinks my facial pores over time too. I feel fresh and hydrated after I used these products. Besides, this series good for my sensitive skin also.”

Ms. Tesse Lau

“I like their service, very responsive even I got many questions to them. Will recommend this product definitely. Before this, my makeup always become flaky around noon time. But after use HERBEA, the makeup can last perfectly till the end! And my skin usually have some redness before but now no more.”

Puteri Fazila Samsudin

“I must be honest. This product has changed my perspective of being “flawless”. It repairs the skin from the inside & makes my skin look healthier. & the important part is the ingredients being used in this product is natural with no harmful chemicals. Loving it!”


“The cleanser is suitable for oily skin too. Found that my skin no more oily after using. Good job, Herbea. =D”


“It makes my skin feel fresher and softer after cleansing. Thank you.”

Ms. Lok

“I had an outbreak due to overstress not long ago and I tried many skin care solution for acne. Many of them improve the condition temporarily because the excessive oil is dried out after I used those acne skin care. But after awhile, the situation is worsening again because my skin becomes more and more oily even though I am still using those acne skin care. It is most probably because those acne skin care is too harsh and remove my natural oil layer too (based on my online research).

I was introduced to HERBEA and I gave it a try because I was so desperate at that time already. Its effect on clearing the acne is not obvious compared to those acne skin care at first. But my face is not that oily anymore, so it stabilized the outbreak overall. It also even out my acne scars too. I will continue to use HERBEA because the effects is more long lasting and my skin now becomes healthier – less oily, hydrated, pores become more even and smaller, brighter and radiant.”

Ms. Lim

“Almost everyday Miera guna siang dan malam and to be honest, Miera dah jatuh cinta setiap kali Miera apply di wajah because it improves my skins condition.”

Ms. Miera

“After using HERBEA Aqua series for sometimes, my skin condition improved. It becomes hydrated, smoother, and smaller pores. Now my skin looks brighter and healthier. “

Ms. Yoen

Overall benefits you can get from HERBEA AQUA:

  • Instant deep hydrating
  • Moisture locking up to 72 hours
  • Improves skin barrier
  • Regulate skin oil-water balance
  • Improves smoothness and softness
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Repairs damaged tissues
  • Improves skin’s elasticity
  • Reduce dark spots
  • Reduce skin inflammation

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HERBEA Aqua Series
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4.33 out of 5
HERBEA AQUA Retain Mist Toner
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Wondering what is the cause for your skin problems and how HERBEA works?

Cause of skin problems and how HERBEA works

Saccharide Isomerate - The Main Worker of HERBEA AQUA

100% Natural

ECOCERT COSMOS StandardsECOCERT Standards for Natural Organic CosmeticsNATRUE


Certified to ECOCERT Standards for Natural Organic Cosmetics, COSMOS Standards, and complies to NATRUE criteria.



Unique binding to skin

Unique binding of saccharide isomerate


Binds better and longer to your skin keratin. It will continue to hydrate your skin until removed by skin shedding.

Long-term moisturizing

Long hour moisturization up to 12 hours

Guaranteed in Safety and Quality

All our products are registered and approved by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

HERBEA Aqua Series
RM199.90 RM79.90
4.33 out of 5
HERBEA AQUA Retain Mist Toner
RM69.90 RM29.90
5.00 out of 5
HERBEA Aqua Plus Cleansing Gel
RM59.90 RM19.90
4.80 out of 5