About Us

Our Story

While traveling in New Zealand, HERBEA's founder noticed that most of their daily necessities are produced by their home grown brands. New Zealanders trusted and proud of these brands. In Malaysia, this kind of atmosphere is rarely observed.  
Most of the products, including daily necessities, in Malaysia are imported which cause the price become so high and not affordable to many Malaysians. Especially now when the economy slowed down.  
Because of this, our founder started to work on something with international quality yet affordable to Malaysian, which can be trusted and make Malaysian proud of it. Leveraging the background of the team, we decided to start with skin care product. We are committed to provide high quality natural daily skin care products at an affordable price to Malaysian. Through consistency in quality, we would like to build a Proud Malaysian Brand which Malaysian can trust on and feel proud of. Besides, we would like to be a company who cares for the community, the needy in Malaysia.

What does Herbea stand for?

HERBEA is the word blends from ‘Her’ and ‘Beauty’.

We believe that every female has her own unique beauty – Confidence. We want this beauty to stay with every female forever by first being confident with their skin.

Nevertheless, the ‘Her’ here also refer to our mother nature. HERBEA aims to bring out the beauty in every female through the beautiful gifts from our mother nature.

We believe that real beauty is natural and cannot be synthetic. Thus the foundation of our natural skin care products is built on botanical ingredients. HERBEA is 100% animal free and our active ingredients are derived from plants. As the largest organ of the body, our skin absorbs lots of substances each day. Hence it is essential to make sure that we are applying the right nutrient without burdening our skin.

Botanical ingredients have been widely used for skin care since ancient time for cleaning, moisturizing, soothing and many other purposes. Natural phytochemicals found in plants are beneficial to our skin in ways that we cannot imagine. Until today, scientists and researchers are still exploring the unlimited potential of what nature can provide us. There is no doubt that natural is the way to go and in HERBEA, we think that your skin deserves beauty from the most natural way.

What do we offer?

We are offering Malaysian an additional choice of high quality plant-based natural skin care products with reasonable price. HERBEA Aqua series is a hydrating series which we invest a lot in formulation R&D to ensure it is mild yet effective in locking moisture for long hours. We are using technology from Switzerland for moisture locking function in our HERBEA Aqua series.

Active ingredient used in HERBEA Aqua series are plant-based natural products, which its composition resembling the endogenous carbohydrate complex. This kind of structure enable it to have a unique and strong binding action to free amino groups of lysine within keratin of stratum corneum which results in higher water retention. Also, this strong binding action ensures that HERBEA Aqua series are not washed away easily but continue to improve hydration until removed by natural desquamation process.

Other than long hours of moisture locking function, the technology used in HERBEA Aqua series is also proven to be able to improve skin barrier in the long run. DNA microarray assays on human keratinocytes indicate that it is stimulating genes that play key roles in skin barrier maintenance such as filaggrin and hyaluronan synthase 3 genes.

We have provided our product samples confidently to a group of testers in Malaysia including those with sensitive skin. Feedbacks have shown that HERBEA Aqua series is comfortable to use, improves skin hydration and smoothness, and would not trigger any allergic reaction(s). HERBEA Aqua series is an effective hydrating natural skin care products that is suitable for all skin type.

We provide natural skin care products which are formulated with plant-based ingredients.
We ensure that our customer enjoy the highest quality products all the time.
Beauty for all
We strive to provide everyone with affordable high quality skin care. We believe that everyone deserved to be gorgeous.
14-Days Return Policy
We offer 14-Days Return guarantee to all our products as we are proud and confidence in the product quality.