Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about HERBEA. If your question is not listed in here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Q1: Who is HERBEA?

Herbea Beauty Enterprise was founded in 2016 after we noticed that there is still lack of confidence towards Malaysia brand or product among Malaysian nowadays. This has lead to a phenomena where we become over dependent to imported goods, which somehow increase our living cost.

Leveraging the background and expertise of the team, we have established Herbea Beauty Enterprise and committed to provide high quality natural daily skin care products at an affordable price to Malaysian. Through consistency in quality, we would like to build a Proud Malaysian Brand which Malaysian can trust on and feel proud of. Besides, we would like to be a company who cares for the community, the needy in Malaysia.


Q2: How to pronounce HERBEA?

It is pronounced as “her-bee”.


Q3: What does HERBEA means?

HERBEA is a combination of “her” and “beauty”. We believe that every female has her own unique beauty – Confidence. We want this beauty to stay with every female forever by first being confident with their skin.

Nevertheless, the ‘Her’ here also refer to our mother nature. HERBEA aims to bring out the beauty in every female through the beautiful gifts from our mother nature.

We believe that real beauty is natural and cannot be synthetic. Thus the foundation of our natural skin care products is built on botanical ingredients. HERBEA is 100% animal free and our active ingredients are derived from plants. As the largest organ of the body, our skin absorbs lots of substances each day. Hence it is essential to make sure that we are applying the right nutrient without burdening our skin.

Botanical ingredients have been widely used for skin care since ancient time for cleaning, moisturizing, soothing and many other purposes. Natural phytochemicals found in plants are beneficial to our skin in ways that we cannot imagine. Until today, scientists and researchers are still exploring the unlimited potential of what nature can provide us. There is no doubt that natural is the way to go and in HERBEA, we think that your skin deserves beauty from the most natural way.


Q4: Never heard of HERBEA before, is this a new brand? 

Yes, HERBEA was introduced in Malaysia in end of 2016. However, we actually started to work on HERBEA AQUA for longer than a year. It took us around 1 year for the ingredients selection and research and development (R&D) before we could launch the product confidently.


Q5: Where is HERBEA from?

HERBEA is made in Malaysia. We can say it is “wholly owned by Malaysia” as both its R&D process and production is carried out in Malaysia.

This is why we are confident that HERBEA AQUA suit perfectly to our tropical climate and also Asian skin type.


Q6: If its Malaysia product, why is it so expensive?

It is mainly due to the technology and ingredients we used. HERBEA AQUA is using the top technology from Switzerland for its hydrating and moisture retention function. Besides, we use only plant-based ingredients for HERBEA AQUA.

We ensure our user get the full value for the price they paid.


Q7: If its quality is on par with international brands, why is it so cheap compares to other brands?

There are few reasons why HERBEA AQUA’s price is lower compares to other international brands with comparable quality.

a. Based on our vision & mission, we want to ensure Malaysian can get a fair and good price on high quality products.

b. HERBEA AQUA is produced in Malaysia, so there are no transportation fee involved (unlike other imported brands).

c. We did not use brand ambassador like other international brands, which the high cost would be passed to end user ultimately. We believe that our user is our best brand ambassador.


Q8: My skin is very sensitive, I am not really sure whether HERBEA AQUA is suitable to me?

Before we launch HERBEA AQUA, we have tested the products by giving samples to people with sensitive skin to use. All feedback came back positive, no allergy reaction is observed.

Usually allergy is caused by harsh chemicals such as paraben, SLS, alcohol, formaldehyde and etc.. You won’t find this in our products. We only use plant-based ingredient, which is mild in nature, for our products.

However, if there is reaction, stop using and consult doctor about it.


Q9: HERBEA AQUA is suitable for which skin type?

HERBEA AQUA’s mild nature is suitable for all skin types.


Q10: What is the function of HERBEA AQUA?

The main benefit that HERBEA AQUA can give you is instant hydrating and also moisture retention up to 72 hours to your skin. Together with the sodium hyaluronate (HA), you can expect the following in times. 

  • Instant hydrating 
  • Oil-water balance – no more shinny skin 
  • Reduce fine lines 
  • Improve skin elasticity 
  • Reduce uneven skin tone 
  • Brighter skin 
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Reduce dark spots

Other than these short term immediate benefits, in medium and long term, HERBEA AQUA will improves your skin by reducing skin desquamation and strengthen your skin barrier. With a healthier skin and stronger skin barrier, you can lower down the possibility of skin infection – acne outbreak.


Q11: What is the estimated delivery time?

Once payment is received, we will ship out the item within 3 business day using PosLaju. Please allow 3 – 10 days for your orders to arrive (depending on peak season).