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Stop using these skin care products if you have these skin signs

There are skin signs that tell us to stop using certain skin care products. Whether it is a famous brand or it is an expensive products, whenever you notice these skin signs you have to stop using it. Here we will list out some of the skin signs that are mostly neglected or go unnoticed.

Sign 1 – If the product make your skin feel tight and dry

Many people are linking this tight and dry feeling as clean skin. This is NOT true. The tight and dry feeling simply means the product is stripping away your skin moisture and natural oil layer. This is usually caused by sulfate-based cleansers and alcohol-based toners, so try to avoid these 2 kinds of products.

HERBEA AQUA Plus Cleansing Gel is gentle SLS-free cleanser which would not dry out your skin which clean your skin effectively. Leave you clean, soft and hydrated skin after using it. Listen to what our user is saying after using this cleanser.

HERBEA AQUA Retain Mist Toner is alcohol-free toner which can give you instant hydrating throughout the day. Besides, it helps to balance your skin pH at 5.5 (a slight acidic condition). Both of these (hydrating and pH balancing) are important because:

  1. It is alcohol-free – it won’t dry out your skin and cause irritation or sebum (oil) over-production
  2. It will slow down or reduce the premature aging signs like fine lines.
  3. If our skin pH is disturbed, it will cause all kinds of skin problems like sensitive skin, acne, inflammation, fine lines formation and etc..


Sign 2: If the product make your skin excessively oily

This means the product is drying your skin out. When our skin sebaceous glands sense the dryness, it will produce more oil in order to balance itself. Same reason as Sign 1 above, it is usually associated to sulphate-based cleanser or alcohol-based toner, which is considered harsh in nature.


Sign 3: If the product is leaving your skin irritated

We should stop using any product that irritate our skin. Sometimes it is not that we have sensitive skin, but the product issue. Stop using the product, and the sensitivity issues will go away for good.

HERBEA AQUA Series is very gentle in nature because it is formulated with 100% plant-based bioactive from Switzerland. Due to its gentle nature, it will not cause any irritation to your skin.

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