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Asian Skin: What do we really need?

If you think that our (Asian) skin is just like others and there are no specific requirement on skin care to suit our skin, you are wrong. There are 5 unique characteristics for Asian skin, which make us more prone to certain skin issues naturally.


#1. Asian skin loses moisture at higher rate

Study has shown that Asian has the highest rate of Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) value. TEWL indicates the amount of water vapour lost through the skin under non-sweating condition.

What does this means?  This means Asian skin has weaker moisture-binding system in order to keep the moisture within the skin. This has cause our skin to become dehydrated easily, which in turn cause us more issues like oily skin, clog pores, dull skin, uneven skin tone, acne and etc.. We need skin care products (especially toner and moisturizer) that are rich in moisture-binding ingredients.

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#2: Asian skin gets oily easily

There are 2 reasons why our skin gets oily easily.

  1. We have more sebaceous glands, which responsible to secrete sebum (oil) to protect our skin, than others.
  2. It is caused by skin dehydration as mentioned in #1 above. When our skin sebaceous glands sense that our skin is dehydrated or drying out, it will automatically secrete more sebum to protect our skin.

What does this means? Well, we cannot change the fact that we have more sebaceous glands, as this come naturally. But we can avoid the over-production of sebum by maintaining the oil-water balance of our skin. Which means, we need to keep our skin hydrated all the time. Besides, we need to avoid skin care with harsh chemicals that will strip away the natural oil layer as this will cause the over-production of sebum too.


#3. Asian skin is more prone to sensitivity

Study also shown that Asian skin has thinner stratum corneum (the outer most skin layer) compared to other ethnic. This cause us to become more sensitive to pollutants and chemicals that can affect our skin pH.

What does this means? This means we need to carefully choose the skin care that we use daily. Avoid those with harsh chemicals but go for natural, gentle skin care with neutral pH instead.


#4. Asian skin produce more melanin

Melanin is the natural pigment produced by our skin to protect our skin from UV damage. But at the same time, it gives us darker skin.

What does this means? In our society, which generally prefer fairer skin tone, it is common to find brightening or lightening ingredients in Asian skin care. However, beware of what kind of brightening or lightening ingredient is used in your skin care as some of them is harsh in action (remember that our skin is more sensitive than others?). Always for go for those which is gentle in nature.

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#5. Asian skin scars easily

Asian skin scars easily because our stratum corneum layer is thinner.

What does this means? Always go for gentle skin care to reduce the scar. This is because harsh skin care will sensitize the skin and cause further inflammation (end up causing you more or larger scar).


HERBEA AQUA – Formulated for Asian Skin

HERBEA AQUA for Asian Skin

HERBEA AQUA series is formulated specifically for Asian skin. It is packed with 2 main ingredients: saccharide isomerate and also sodium hyaluronate to cater the issues facing by Asian skin. Lets see why is it so.

  • Saccharide isomerate
    • able to replicate the hydrating function of our skin natural moisturizing structure (NMF) – act as moisture-binding agent (#1)
    • able to bind stronger and longer to our skin keratin because it has similar structure to NMF – moisture locking up to 72 hours and helps in creating oil-water balance in long run (#1 and #2)
  • Sodium hyaluronate
    • it is a natural moisture-binding agent, complement saccharide isomerate by doubling the hydrating and moisture-locking benefits (#1)
    • it is a multitasking antioxidant – it is known to be able to fight against the free radicals, healing skin damage, lightening skin tone and etc. (#4 and #5)
    • it is smaller in molecule compared to normal hyaluronic acid – better absorption, better effects
  • HERBEA AQUA is formulated using plant-based ingredients and gentle in nature (#3)

You can get your HERBEA AQUA now at our store. Now 10% of the proceeds will go to World Vision Malaysia for their work in Mukim Tulid, Sabah. The fund raised will help to improve the education, health and also child protection of the children there.

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