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How do I know which skin type do I have?

Determining skin type is the fundamental in choosing suitable skin care products. However, many have told us that they are not really sure what skin type they have and also how to determine it.

The best way to determine your skin type and condition is of course go to good dermatologist. But sometimes you just don’t have the time or budget to do so. The great news is, you can know what is your skin type through the simple test (as below) and also observation.

Simple testing to determine your skin type

Simple testing to determine your skin type - step 1 and 2 Simple testing to determine your skin type - step 3 and 4

  1. Clean and pat dry your skin.
  2. Wait for around 1 hour. This is the time when your skin will return to its natural state, the characteristics of which will determine your skin type. Remember to wait patiently, DO NOT touch your face.
  3. Apply blotting papers on your face (like the one shown in picture above, most right side) – 3 in the centre line (forehead, nose and chin); 1 on each side of the cheek and temple.
  4. Press the blotting papers (without rubbing) for 1-2 minutes.

The condition of the blotting papers will tell you about your skin nature/type.

  • if all the blotting papers are greasy – you have oily skin
  • if the blotting papers on the centre line (forehead, nose and chin) is greasy while others don’t – you have combination skin
  • if all your blotting papers are clean – you have dry skin


The different skin types and their characteristics
Normal skin

If you have normal skin, congratulation!. Your skin is not too dry and not too oily, just nice.


  • A radiant complexion
  • Barely visible pores
  • No or few imperfection
  • No sensitivity issues


Dry skin

Dry skin is the skin type that lacking sebum (oil) because they have lesser sebaceous glands compared to others.


  • Few visible pores
  • Skin texture is tight
  • Matte appearance (little or no shine)
  • Rough skin
  • Discomfort feeling – dryness, tightness, flakiness and etc.
  • Formation of fine lines or wrinkles

What will worsen dry skin characteristics?

  • Harsh facial cleanser
  • Diet that is poor in essential fatty acids
  • Extreme climates with inadequate protection
  • Age – skin will produce less and less sebum with age


Oily skin

Oily skin generally produces too much of sebum.


  • Visible pores
  • Shinny face/skin
  • Visible blemishes (blackheads, whiteheads, pimples)
  • Dull complexion

What will worsen the oily skin characteristics?

  • Harsh cleanser
  • Hormonal change
  • Hot and humid climate


Combination skin

Combination skin will have oilier T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and normal to dry skin on the cheeks.

So combination skin will have the characteristics of both oily skin and also dry skin. Depends on the products or situation you are in, the characteristics might swift from one side to another side more.


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